Sic Bo Strategy: Winning Tactics & the One Providing the Sure Win

Sic Bo has several bets that the players can make, and many of them throw bets throughout the layout as if it were the roulette. So, the lower the payout ratio, the lower the casino advantage. Substantial bets provide good money, like many of the craps bets. The most vital thing is to remember, which betting system is impractical, when deciding to play using the optimal Sic Bo strategy. Since in some bets, the casino has laid down a rather high percentage of its advantage.

Sic Bo Strategy: Which Tactics can Bring the Victory?

In Sic Bo, the players will have to choose between frequent but small wins, or rare but high.

  • The players will have the best chances to win making large and small bets. The probability of victory, in this case, is almost 50/50. Triple, of course, spoils these indicators a little, but this is a rather rare combination, so the players will often win with this Sic Bo strategy. The payments at this rate are minimal. However, if players want to double their money, this is the best strategy for them;
  • Choosing the one number bet is also a reasonably secure strategy. It leaves fewer chances to win, but slightly increases the chances of a big win. If participants catch luck with the tail, they can make good money.
  • Total bets also look very attractive, especially since they have high bonus payout percentages in case of a win. If players decide to try these very bets for a particular result, they should note that a bet of 10 or 11 points has the most glorious chance. And although these combinations have the poorest bonus coefficient – they will appear much more often than the others.

As already mentioned, Sik Bo is a game of chance, and the players can choose the degree of risk of casino Sic Bo strategy. The three main styles of play are:

  • strategy with minimal risks;
  • medium risk strategy;
  • high-risk strategy.

Besides, in Sic Bo, players can try to apply to various mathematical tactics (Martingale, D’Alembert system, and so on). They can also help to minimize the risks of financial losses by regularly changing the size of bets. While talking about Sic Bo strategy in two or three words, the main thing to provide a sure win is to determine the amount that participants are willing to risk.

The Best Strategy to Succeed in Online Casino Sic Bo

Speaking about the best and optimal Sic Bo strategy, one cannot but say about its basis – mathematical statistics of the loss of certain values.

  • It is also impossible to do without logic here. So, for example, the amount of four points can only be obtained with a loss of 1, 1, 2. But five can be collected already by a combination of 1, 2, 2, and 1, 1, 3. Thus, five will fall out more often than 4. In general, the more the casino offers to win, the less likely it will be to drop the desired combination;
  • Players should pay attention to betting with payout ratios from 1:1 to 5:1 can make a basis for Sic Bo strategy. Such bets carry the minimal risk for the player. Although the payments for them are not large, the advantage of the casino with such bets is humble compared to other more “profitable” bets. Bets with minimal risk include more/less, a bet for one, and two numbers. The more/less bet is optimal, since, with it, the advantage of the casino will be equal to a minimum value of 2,78%.

Players should start this game as soon as they are sure that they understand its rules well. Besides, they must have enough knowledge to form a Sic Bo winning strategy. Fortunately, on the sites of the best online casinos, players are always presented with the rules of the game.

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