Online dice games — free entertainment vs gambling for money

Today dice games online are not played as often as slots, but they have the most devoted fans. Majority of them pick Craps and Sic Bo, online dice casino entertainment that can also bring a high roller much money.

Online dice games for real money

There are a few different varieties of online dice games, where real money can be won. Craps is the king of them. However, the other ones are basically the same games, but with some different features or special rules. A player can normally read a little about the different variants of them visiting any online casino: even no registration is required. There one will usually get a small information text with the game, alternatively that there are “rules & info” sections available for all site visitors.

There are several major game developers of casino games that have been developing dice games and Craps online, and NetEnt is often considered a leader of real dealer live Craps. The luckiest players, who win there, get good awards, which size usually depends on the bet during the game. Besides, those, who choose a bonus without a deposit, which is always a good offer to take advantage of, get more. These bonuses allow persons to play at casinos for free, but as the result, they do get real-money prizes.

However, one should be aware of a rule here: only a registered player can win money, which he will cashout later. As a rule, registration of a newbie is a simple as even a pleasant process, as each newcomer can claim a bonus for the first deposit, and as a result, win times more.

Dice games for free

As it was mentioned, there are several variations of online dice games in addition to Craps, and one can also play them for free. This variant can be chosen, when a casino user just wants to understand the gameplay and rules, calculate winning odds before making his first real-money bet using a deposit. Sic Bo with 3 dice, which takes the second place after Craps (by popularity), is offered almost at any licensed casino. Gamblers like this type of entertainment and usually play it simply to relax, without any aim to earn a lot on the game. Here are other dice games that free players like:

  • Bunco;
  • Balut;
  • Dudo;
  • Duell;
  • Macao;
  • Midnight;
  • Ludo;
  • Pig, and some other online dice games.

Although many free online dice games do not foresee a casino registration, some gaming resources let newbies play them upon a sign-up procedure only. Additionally, only dice simulators (slots) can be used for free. Real-dealer games of this type, offered at live casinos, can be played only for money. Therefore, in this case, a gamer, who picks Craps, Sic Bo or another game, where dice is used, must replenish his player’s account. After it, he can choose a bet size, a table and start making money gambling.

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