Sic Bo: the Essence of the Game, its Peculiarities & Winning Tricks

This game, popular among Asian online casino players, is a chance-based table game and is played with three dice. It is one of the two main games among online dice games. Initially, Sic Bo seems very complicated, but after a few rolls of dice, players will understand it quite quickly and will find out some winning secrets. Many strategies can be chosen for playing Sic Bo. However, the optimal strategy should focus on minimizing risk in the game, and it is very safe and balanced.

Sic Bo: the Essence of the Game and Main Peculiarities

Sik Bo is an old dice game. It appeared in antiquity, and its dice have evolved from one form to another – balls, pyramids, plates. Many gaming experts suggest that the modern dice game came from Sic Bo after one of the dice was removed, and some of the bets were changed. Most sources indicate that the game takes its roots in China. Since the 13th century, it has gained recognition in England and France. The rules of Sic Bo are comparable to the rules of Craps, but still, there are exceptional peculiarities.

  • The game uses hexagonal dice in the form of cubes, and each has dots’ marks. The number of markers on each face varies from one to six;
  • Each round, players make preliminary bets on the outcome of events after a dice roll;
  • Before the start of the throw, the participants put the chips in a distinct sector, indicating an appropriate Sic Bo bet according to the chosen strategy;
  • The RNG provides the throws of dice. After the participants make their bets, the dealer announces the end of the bets, turns off the popper (RNG), and opens the dice to the players;

After the distribution of bets, the game continues. In each round, Sic Bo players can make different bets (there are seven in total) and combine them as they wish, working out some tricks to win.

The Tips and Tricks to Succeed Playing Sic Bo Online

As a dice game, Sic Bo offers different bets with different probability of winning. Therefore, the best Sic Bo strategy concerns bets with the best chance of winning.

  • When playing Sic Bo online only at bets with a minimum House Edge, the casino’s advantage is less, so players can achieve more success in the long run. These bets include big bets, small bets, even-numbered bets, and odd-numbered bets.All these bets have the same cash payments and a casino advantage of 2.78%. These bets have a lower percentage of winnings, but also have better chances of winning.
  • The most important thing among other tips that players should know is those Sic Bo bets that they should avoid! The “two identical” bet, when dropped, increases the bet by five times, but the casino advantage over the player is 16.67%. It will be excellent if this combination falls out, but in case of frequent misses, this will significantly affect the bankroll;
  • The bet “three of the same” can bring more profit. In case of a loss, players will receive a win 7:1, but the advantage of the casino will be 11.11%. Players should avoid this bet as well as the “two kings” bet.

A higher winning percentage provides a higher degree of casino advantage. Players are better off choosing bets with almost equal odds while participating in Sic Bo casino game. Playing with a small casino advantage and, therefore, with a low percentage of winnings makes much more sense than playing for an immense win with a high casino advantage.

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