Sic Bo online: a truly wonderful game to spend time playing

This incredibly interesting game comes from Ancient China and many players all over the world still enjoy playing and of course winning in it. The game is not that famous as another dice game Craps, but it got a special place in the hearts of devoted players. So the gameplay is quite simple, but has its specifics and tips that can and should be learned in order to increase the potential of winning.

Online Sic Bo gambling for everyone

Sic Bo is a dice game. It uses three dice and has a particular betting table. There are different versions, in which the Chinese original was modified through times, but the basic rules and strategies are pretty much the same.

As it is totally a game of chance, a player cannot really influence the result of dice rolling, however, he can wisely manage his bets and apply a particular strategy for bet placing, or even come up with his own using the knowledge of probabilities of each dice combo. The bet happens for a particular outcome of rolling dice, and mathematically the chances of receiving one or another outcome have been calculated.

Playing online, you also use a virtual table on which you place your coins. After all bets are on the table, a virtual croupier throws dice, and then winnings are granted according to the result.

Betting choices in Sic Bo

A crucial thing to learn about Sic Bo is all the bets that can be made. They include:

  • Small bets – ones in Sic Bo online on any cumulative number that falls in the range from 4 to 10;
  • Big bets – ones on any cumulative number that falls in the range from 11 to 17;
  • Bets on a particular cumulative number from 4 to 17;
  • Single dice bets – ones on a particular side from 1 to 6 on 1, 2, or all 3 dice;
  • Double bets – ones on 2 identical sides from 1 to 6 on 2 dice;
  • Triple bets – ones on any 3 identical sides from 1 to 6 on all dice;
  • Specific triple bets – ones on three particular identical sides from 1 to 6 on all dice;
  • Two dice combination bets – ones on particular sides on two dice from possible 15 combinations.

The rarest and the most paying bet is Specific Triple because this is only one combination that can make the bet win. In its turn, the cheapest and most common bet is Small or Big because it can win with any of 105 possible combinations.

Play Sic Bo online wisely

The most common Sic Bo playing methods can be divided into three types:

  1. low-risk – the method that says to go for Small and Big and sometimes two dice combinations, since they have most chances to be successful;
  2. medium-risk – the method that says to combine different types of bets in order to get more opportunities to win at least something, but also to lose more as well;
  3. high-risk – the method that says to place the highest paying bets such as Triple and sum of 4 or 17.

Every player can choose the method that suits particularly him and easily enjoy Sic Bo online with no download.

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