Dice Games: General Aspects & Top List of Card and Table Devices

In a virtual casino, players can learn how to play dice games online and gain valuable experience to succeed in real money gambling. In an online casino, players can make real money bets as well. The rules for playing dice online are no different from playing in a land-based casino, as even the terms and bets are the same. Unlike a traditional casino, online casino customers can play dice in the so-called solo mode – that is, other players will not participate in the process.

Dice Games: Common Features for Card & Table Varieties

The entire gambling process involves one or more attempts to throw out a prize combination of numbers. Casino dice games have many varieties. Modern online casinos offer players to play it in both board and card games. Common aspects are:

  • Players must have at least five dice. There can be several participants in such a board game;
  • A roll of five dice is the beginning of each turn of the casino users. The first thrust of bones will show the presence of winning values;
  • According to the rules of the dice games, combinations of card values provide maximum points combinations. It is the essential condition of any casino offering to play for real money;
  • If there is a minimum of 5 points, the gamer must put aside the prize cubes and make a second throw;
  • A new move takes place with the least number of cubes, so it has little chance of compiling a prize chain. The marks of new dropped values add the previous points;
  • If all five prize cubes fall out one or more times, then, in this case, access to the same number of dice will open. So, one move can bring maximum points and big money;
  • If the next shot shows a “zero” combination, the gamers will get nothing. Besides, they will lose all scored points. An exception is recorded marks in a special table with all the wins and losses of the competitor.

Some similar games of virtual clubs imply different conditions, which is why players need to learn the rules and nuances of each dice game.

The Top List of Dice Games Varieties to Play in Virtual Clubs

Among the best and most popular dice games are the following:

  • Poker Dice is a board game with dice, which uses poker combinations: Seth, Straight, Full House, and Four of a Kind. In regular poker, they are made up of cards, and here – from the numbers on the sides of the dice. Victory here is partly dependent on luck, but skill also plays a significant role. The result depends on how the players manage the numbers that will fall out. To play, participants need five dice and will have to write the sequences into the table. The player must register one combination during a spin. They can record in any field, even if it gives zero points;
  • Craps is simple, but for novice dice games players, this gambling may seem too complicated. The dice is the same everywhere and has six faces. Two dice are involved in the game. It is not difficult to calculate that in the game, there are only 36 combinations with sums from two to twelve. Several people can play craps at the same time. The game takes place on the side table, where the lead player rolls dice. The lead player is usually called the shooter. The result of the roll is the sum of the upper faces of both dice, which is 2 -12 points;
  • Sic Bo is a dice game where the player can take the optimal bet with the highest payouts. Unfortunately for fans of the game, the payout percentage here is much worse for many bets. Since binary, 9, or 12 bets supply the casino an advantage of above 18%! The optimal bet is Big or Small, as it is equivalent to roulette with a casino advantage of 2.78%. All other rates are strongly discouraging, and according to them, the expectation is 8% or worse.

At first glance, the rules of dice board games may seem quite complicated, but in practice, they are manageable and will bring a lot of vivid emotions. Gamblers need to familiarize themselves with all the betting options and payout ratios to choose the most attractive device.

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