Craps Online: the Way of Free Playing & Aspects of Live Gambling

Craps is an exciting gambling dice game that has conquered the whole world. Players take turns to roll the dice, and the combo boxes help determine the winners who will get money. It is worth saying that the rules of the entertainment are not at all as intricate and complicated as it seems at first. The origin of craps online does not change depending on which game the participants choose – for money or free.

Craps Online: How to Play for Free?

Free online craps gambling is available through slot machines. As an example, online casino customers can review the device from Microgaming. Unlike usual slots, in this game, the participants need to throw Dice and predict the outcome of the throw. To make a bet, they have virtual chips of various denominations from 1 to 500 credits. The panel of the device has several buttons. “Repeat” – make the same bet as in the previous round, “Reset” – remove all chips from the table, “Cancel” – refuse the last action. They will able to throw the dice after pressing the throw button. The rules are very transparent:

  • There are only two dice, but there can be a lot of results of their throw. Any of them are within the table;
  • The most common bet when playing Craps is the “Line Pass” field. To get a win, players need to throw the sum of the dice 7 or 11. They will lose if the result of the throw is 2, 3, or 12;
  • Another popular betting field is Not Pass. The winning conditions here are opposite to the Pass Line. When the Point value is determined, the player can make additional bets.

Unlike conventional devices, the rules of craps game online may seem complicated, but while getting a little familiar with them, everything will immediately become explicit.

Online Craps with Live Dealer: the Peculiarities

Modern virtual casinos offer their customers to participate in online craps with a live dealer for real money. There are a lot of types of this game: Chicago, Dice Bank, High Dice, Four Dice, Marinetti, and so on. In most versions, strategies apply to the peculiarities of the betting system: the combination of regular bets and Odds bets is considered the most effective. But, of course, this strategy applies only to betting: there can be no strategy in the role of a shooter (as craps call the die roll), except for a simple hope for the fortune. Craps rules vary by species.

  • Participants play online craps with two dice, they throw them in turn, and they must roll so that the dice hit the board on the other side of the table;
  • A dealer takes part in the game (there are two of them in large casinos) and several players throwing alternately;
  • The quantity of dice 7 and 11 brings success to the shooter (after winning, the player gets the right to roll the dice again), 12, 2, and 3 bring the player instant failure;
  • Points from 4 to 9 take the game to the Point stage, where the shooters roll the dice until the number set falls out in advance (then they win) or 7 (in which case they will lose).

Players can use some strategies in online craps only when making real money bets in a virtual casino. The most commonly used Pass Line is the bet for the shooter’s victory. By the way, one of the remarkable facts is that different children’s board games use the origins of craps. And many famous emperors of Rome, for example, Caligula, were known for their addiction to the game of dice.

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