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The lasting appeal of dice games

Dice are the ultimate symbol of chance and luck. They use both mathematics and the laws of gravity in such a compelling way. As the fictional character ‘The Dice Man’ in Luke Rhineheart’s eponymous novel found, living our lives by the law of dice can be an exhilarating experience. Dice games have a very long history and here we introduce you to the weird and wonderful world of the die.

dices old game

The oldest games known to humankind!

Those little cubes decorated with different numbers of dots on each face are actually the oldest gaming implements that we know of. These games probably originated in or near the Middle East. The first dicing games were played with cubes, sticks or tetrahedrons made of wood or bone. Perhaps the oldest such game is the ‘Royal Game of Ur’. This game has the alternative name of ‘The Game of Twenty Squares’. In essence, this was a board game that used both stick shaped objects and tetrahedrons with varying numbers of dots on each face.

Would you like to learn more about The Royal Game of Ur? Just follow this link: http://www.britishmuseum.org/research/collection_online/collection_object_details.aspx?objectId=8817&partId=1. Dicing games were used throughout ancient China, and these Chinese games are the course of many European games including backgammon.

dices online

Playing dice games online

You can actually play the Royal Game of Ur online, and this is just one example of the various online dicing games that are out there. If you enjoy gaming and gambling online, you have a real Aladdin’s cave of different games to choose from! Dudo, Baccarat, Craps and much much more. These online casino games capture the thrills and spills of gambling in a variety of inspiring scenarios. You can even play online versions of classic board games such as Monopoly, which use a pair of die to decide how many squares each player can move. So, in sum, whether you like board games or are hankering after an authentic casino style experience, you will have no trouble finding the perfect dice games online! Let’s take a closer look at some of the three main games.

baccarat dudo craps

Baccarat, Dudo and Craps

When playing baccarat, you play with a single opponent. Rolling a pair of die will determine how far each player is allowed to move across the board. Dudo is perhaps the dicing world’s version of poker, as here each player has to conceal the numbers that they have rolled from the other players and then try and make each other guess which numbers they have in their hand. Players can give each other hints – but these hints may or may not be true. The name ‘Dudo’ comes from the Latin word for ‘doubt’, which is a pretty good summary of this game, as everyone wonders whether to doubt their fellow players’ intentions! Finally, craps is perhaps the simplest game on this list. Players roll a pair of die and make bets based on what they think the outcome of each roll will be. There is a version of this game known as ‘street craps’ – in fact, craps was originally played somewhat informally on the streets as it is the simplest and most compelling form of betting!

why play dices online?

Why play online?

When playing a dice game, some people love the feel of those little cubes in their hands. You have probably seen the rituals some people will perform in order to ensure that they roll the numbers that they want – kissing each die in turn, or blowing on them to try and impart good energy to them! However, playing online has so many advantages. Firstly, you can play alone, or with friends or strangers from across the world, no matter where you are. You can play on the bus or on the sofa: it’s up to you! In addition, playing online gives you the benefit of cool graphics, fun themes and exciting scenarios. If you wanted to enter the world of an exclusive casino, you can do so! If you wanted to play a pirate themed game – well, you can do that too!

The timeless power of dicing games

Perhaps the reason that these games are so compelling is that they are so simple and yet so exciting. Endlessly adaptable, they can be made to suit any context. From sharp casinos to family board games, dicing games hold endless appeal. So why not play a few dice games online today?