Live Sic Bo Dice Game for All Fans of Gambling and Tips to Win This Game

Sic Bo is one of the simplest casino games, the rules of which can be learned in just a couple of minutes. But still, we recommend that you deal not only with the rules of the game and betting options but also with payouts and chances to win. Knowing all the nuances of the game, you can make more prudent bets.

How to Play Live Dealer Sic Bo

Every live casino Sic Bo may have different versions of the free game, which is why payouts may vary. Therefore, before you start the game, we recommend that you find out what kind of Sic Bo you are playing and what payouts you can count on.

Remember That Sic Bo Is A Gambling

Like any gambling, the advantage always remains on the side of the casino. The only thing you can do is play at those bets where the casino advantage is minimal. The casino has the smallest advantage 2.9% on bets on combinations (bet on two numbers), “Big” and “Small”. Therefore, it is most profitable to play at these two bets. And bets on the three (Triple) it is best to avoid because here the advantage of the casino increases to 16.74%.

Manage Your Bankroll

When playing Sic Bo and any other casino game, be able to monitor bankroll size so that you can stop on time and save your money. And even if you win, you still set the winning amount, after which you will immediately leave the game.

Try Free Game

Before playing for real money, try practicing in a free game, especially since you may not want to play for money, which will save you from financial losses. In the era of the Internet, you can easily find a casino that provides a free game and does not require a deposit or registration. But if you still decide to play for money, then only play in trusted and honest online casinos.

How to Play Sic Bo Online for Free in Live Casino

Live Sic Bo is a very simple dice game that is very popular in Asia and you will quickly understand how to play. The meaning of games is very simple. All that a player need is to predict the result of dice and place a bet on it. If a player guesses the result, he wins and receives a win depending on the chosen bet. If a different value falls on the dice, the player loses and the casino takes the bet.

Let’s highlight some most crucial bet types. In Sic Bo there are several types of bets, on the result of which the player can bet:

  • Bet on one number (from 1 to 6).
  • A bet on two numbers.
  • A bet on the dice (from 4 to 17).
  • Double bet – this bet means that two dice will fall out of three dice with the same value indicated by the player in his bet (from 1-1 to 6-6).
  • A bet on three identical numbers means that all three dice with the same numbers will fall out (from 1-1-1 to 6-6-6).
  • Bet on “Small” – a bet that the total amount of dice will drop out from 4 to 10.
  • Bet on “Big” – a bet on the total of the dice from 11 to 17.

Those bets are easy to keep in mind, so start to play live Sic Bo with the real dealer online.

Free craps: sites and applications for fun game and future wins

Almost every casino will offer you an exciting and dynamic game – free craps. Moreover, there are a large number of options for this game, so it is important to read the rules and conditions for each version. But there are general rules, bets, purpose and terms in craps for all options.

Free craps: where and how can gamers play it?

What beginners need to know to start the game? The bet that many players consider to be the best is the “Pass” bet, since it gives the institution only a slight advantage. Place your bet and roll the dice. If you get 7 or 11 points, you win and get a win in the amount of 1: 1. If 2, 3 or 12 is drawn, your bet will lose. Any other number of points sets “Point”. In this case, to win in free online craps you need to throw the same number of points a second time before you get 7. But first you need to choose one of the following options:

  1. Free craps can be played on online casino sites. To do this, you need to choose the most reliable virtual clubs on the Internet, which can provide large payouts.
  2. Mobile casino versions are a great way to enjoy playing craps online for fun. They have good graphics, quality and functionality and are no different from a browser game.
  3. Applications – the most convenient way to play in online casinos. You need to download it, install it on your mobile device, and then you can play gambling at any time.

Each of the above methods for playing craps online has a number of advantages, but the main favorite are apps that allow you to play craps for free wherever you are.

How to play online craps by downloading the application on your mobile device?

For maximum convenience of the players, apps have been developed that, by downloading to your mobile phone, allow you to get the most out of the free craps. How to play craps online thanks to the downloaded application? You must follow some simple steps:

  • Find a reliable free application by reading positive reviews;
  • Download it to your mobile device, only you need to pay attention to what operating system it resembles. The application can be downloaded from the official website of the online casino;
  • Free applications do not always require registration. But if it is necessary, you need to create your account, which takes only a few minutes;
  • After registration you will be available all types of online craps, which can be selected in the application directory. Having chosen your favorite game, you can start to play craps for free and for fun.

A small screen does not necessarily mean that you will get less pleasure. On the contrary, it’s worth downloading the casino application to your phone, and online craps will immediately become available to you. This means that you can immediately appreciate the benefits of the game and feel more fun, diversity and wins, of course. Today, the Internet is not a luxury, but an integral part of the life of each of us.

3 Dice casino advantages — all basic rules and bonus program

3 Dice casino is a legal, Curacao licensed online gambling resource that has got a bunch of positive reviews and international awards as a trusted and reliable site for players. For more than 10 years it has been inviting gamers from different countries to register there, offering them table, card games, and slots developed by the world-known software providers. High-reputed 3 Dice online casino is known for free tournaments available for all registered players and beneficial prizes for the winners.

3 Dice casino features and rules

Thousands of players asking how to win 3 Dice casino games will be pleased to learn the information about real winners. They come in the countries, where online gambling is not prohibited. However, even those, who reside in the places, where internet gaming meets with problems, can use advantages of 3 Dice. They can enjoy over five thousand of free slots playing them for fun. Nevertheless, they should remember that making money gambling here in their case is not yet available: the cashout operations are not possible for some players coming from several countries with strict gambling rules.

However, considering the friendly policy of the casino and international recognition, 3 Dice can be definitely called one of the coolest internet sites for fans of the games of chance. Here are only some of the casino rewards:

  • Best New Casino, given to 3 Dice casino in 2007;
  • Best Customer Service awards provided for the site in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011;
  • Best US-friendly Casino (2011, 2012, 2013), etc.

Still, 3 Dice game casino is mentioned in the list of the most respected gambling internet sites. Registration there is a very fast and non-complicated process that initially, requires only the email information (and its further confirmation).

3 Dice bonuses usage

Each registered 3 Dice casino player is offered a no deposit bonus that can be claimed while using bonus codes. There is also a special Pioneer 150% welcome bonus for the newbies, who just start their way there. It becomes available for players after registration. They can be used even by the card players: this option is not available at many other casinos, where bonuses are given to the slot players only. 110% first deposit bonus can be also ignored if a player hesitates whether he can deal with wagering requirements. Meanwhile, gamers, who learn about jackpot real wins, often change their mind. It is a truly fun and a temptation to check the growing jackpots info at this site. Here are some slots, where the biggest wins are provided regularly:

  • Old Glory;
  • Scatterville Skunks;
  • Double Dice;
  • Battle of Bastogne;
  • Double Dough.

Hundreds of unique slots are available for the registered users for free. Funky Five, Aztec Enigma, Wild Waves, Fortune Falls and Squirrelpike are chosen most often. Card games simulators like American Roulette and Bonus Deuces Wild Poker can be played in a Demo mode as well.

Online dice games — free entertainment vs gambling for money

Today dice games online are not played as often as slots, but they have the most devoted fans. Majority of them pick Craps and Sic Bo, online dice casino entertainment that can also bring a high roller much money.

Online dice games for real money

There are a few different varieties of online dice games, where real money can be won. Craps is the king of them. However, the other ones are basically the same games, but with some different features or special rules. A player can normally read a little about the different variants of them visiting any online casino: even no registration is required. There one will usually get a small information text with the game, alternatively that there are “rules & info” sections available for all site visitors.

There are several major game developers of casino games that have been developing dice games and Craps online, and NetEnt is often considered a leader of real dealer live Craps. The luckiest players, who win there, get good awards, which size usually depends on the bet during the game. Besides, those, who choose a bonus without a deposit, which is always a good offer to take advantage of, get more. These bonuses allow persons to play at casinos for free, but as the result, they do get real-money prizes.

However, one should be aware of a rule here: only a registered player can win money, which he will cashout later. As a rule, registration of a newbie is a simple as even a pleasant process, as each newcomer can claim a bonus for the first deposit, and as a result, win times more.

Dice games for free

As it was mentioned, there are several variations of online dice games in addition to Craps, and one can also play them for free. This variant can be chosen, when a casino user just wants to understand the gameplay and rules, calculate winning odds before making his first real-money bet using a deposit. Sic Bo with 3 dice, which takes the second place after Craps (by popularity), is offered almost at any licensed casino. Gamblers like this type of entertainment and usually play it simply to relax, without any aim to earn a lot on the game. Here are other dice games that free players like:

  • Bunco;
  • Balut;
  • Dudo;
  • Duell;
  • Macao;
  • Midnight;
  • Ludo;
  • Pig, and some other online dice games.

Although many free online dice games do not foresee a casino registration, some gaming resources let newbies play them upon a sign-up procedure only. Additionally, only dice simulators (slots) can be used for free. Real-dealer games of this type, offered at live casinos, can be played only for money. Therefore, in this case, a gamer, who picks Craps, Sic Bo or another game, where dice is used, must replenish his player’s account. After it, he can choose a bet size, a table and start making money gambling.

Sic Bo Strategy: Winning Tactics & the One Providing the Sure Win

Sic Bo has several bets that the players can make, and many of them throw bets throughout the layout as if it were the roulette. So, the lower the payout ratio, the lower the casino advantage. Substantial bets provide good money, like many of the craps bets. The most vital thing is to remember, which betting system is impractical, when deciding to play using the optimal Sic Bo strategy. Since in some bets, the casino has laid down a rather high percentage of its advantage.

Sic Bo Strategy: Which Tactics can Bring the Victory?

In Sic Bo, the players will have to choose between frequent but small wins, or rare but high.

  • The players will have the best chances to win making large and small bets. The probability of victory, in this case, is almost 50/50. Triple, of course, spoils these indicators a little, but this is a rather rare combination, so the players will often win with this Sic Bo strategy. The payments at this rate are minimal. However, if players want to double their money, this is the best strategy for them;
  • Choosing the one number bet is also a reasonably secure strategy. It leaves fewer chances to win, but slightly increases the chances of a big win. If participants catch luck with the tail, they can make good money.
  • Total bets also look very attractive, especially since they have high bonus payout percentages in case of a win. If players decide to try these very bets for a particular result, they should note that a bet of 10 or 11 points has the most glorious chance. And although these combinations have the poorest bonus coefficient – they will appear much more often than the others.

As already mentioned, Sik Bo is a game of chance, and the players can choose the degree of risk of casino Sic Bo strategy. The three main styles of play are:

  • strategy with minimal risks;
  • medium risk strategy;
  • high-risk strategy.

Besides, in Sic Bo, players can try to apply to various mathematical tactics (Martingale, D’Alembert system, and so on). They can also help to minimize the risks of financial losses by regularly changing the size of bets. While talking about Sic Bo strategy in two or three words, the main thing to provide a sure win is to determine the amount that participants are willing to risk.

The Best Strategy to Succeed in Online Casino Sic Bo

Speaking about the best and optimal Sic Bo strategy, one cannot but say about its basis – mathematical statistics of the loss of certain values.

  • It is also impossible to do without logic here. So, for example, the amount of four points can only be obtained with a loss of 1, 1, 2. But five can be collected already by a combination of 1, 2, 2, and 1, 1, 3. Thus, five will fall out more often than 4. In general, the more the casino offers to win, the less likely it will be to drop the desired combination;
  • Players should pay attention to betting with payout ratios from 1:1 to 5:1 can make a basis for Sic Bo strategy. Such bets carry the minimal risk for the player. Although the payments for them are not large, the advantage of the casino with such bets is humble compared to other more “profitable” bets. Bets with minimal risk include more/less, a bet for one, and two numbers. The more/less bet is optimal, since, with it, the advantage of the casino will be equal to a minimum value of 2,78%.

Players should start this game as soon as they are sure that they understand its rules well. Besides, they must have enough knowledge to form a Sic Bo winning strategy. Fortunately, on the sites of the best online casinos, players are always presented with the rules of the game.

Craps rules – what is necessary to learn and how to use this knowledge

Craps is a game that can definitely be treated as one of three pillars of table games together with Poker and Roulette. Craps rules are not as simple as it might seem, but at the same time there are different peculiarities, which make this entertainment very exciting and interesting. The best appraisal of the popularity is that the game is represented in practically all more or less good Australian online casino.

The game is underway on the table with some sectors, where bets are made and 2 dices that are thrown on the table to define the result of every turn. There are also used so called Pucks, which are put on the table, depending on the situation. When this “disc” is put with upward title “ON”, it means that the Point is set, and the second round takes part. When there’s “OFF” on the Pucks, there is no game.

The main Craps rules

Casino Craps rules are better to be described by explaining the course of the game. The first round is called Come out Roll. The players make bets on Pass Line. A Shooter (a man who drops the dices) makes one attempt, and then the result is checked. There can be 11 possible variants of 2 dices’ sum.

Summary of dicesEdges’ combinations
31-2, 2-1
41-3, 2-2, 3-1
51-4, 2-3, 3-2, 4-1
61-5, 2-4, 3-3, 4-2, 5-1
71-6, 2-5, 3-4, 4-3, 5-2, 6-1
82-6, 3-5, 4-4, 5-3, 6-2
93-6, 4-5, 5-4, 6-3
104-6, 5-5, 6-4
115-6, 6-5

If there’s 7 or 11, it’s so called Pass that means win in the game after the first Roll. 2, 3 or 12 is Crap and the loss after the first round. 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 is a Point that moves the game into the second round.

The second round is called Point Roll. The main point in this part of the game is that one that was thrown in the first round. The point is “fixed” by Pucks with “ON” on the top. The marker is placed on Across Line. The players should “confirm” their Point to win or to throw 7 that will mean loss in the game. Then the game is over and the next turn starts.

Craps’ odds and payouts

Dice Craps rules will not be complete without the description of possible chances to win, and what size of the profit is available. The below list explains the main bets in the game.

  • Pass Line. The bet plays if there is 7 or 11, and the payout is 1:1. 2, 3 or 12 “take” the bet and 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 move the bet to the second round. This is one of the main things to know while studying Craps rules.
  • Don’t Pass Line. The payout is the same and amount to 1:1 odds. 2 or 3 make a win, where 7 or 11 mean loss. The only difference with Pass Line is when there are 12 points on the table, it means Push, or draw and the bet is returned to the player.
  • Come. This bet is made after the Point is defined. It can be made on 7 or 11, or on the set Point (4, 5, 6 , 8, 9, 10). The payout is 1:1.
  • Don’t Come. This bet equals to Don’t Pass Line one with the main difference – the bet is made after the Point is set. The payout is 1:1.

There are some other specific bets, like Pass Line Odds, Come Odds and some other variants, but it will be enough to start own way in the world of Craps for the beginners. More of this it’s never late to develop own skills.

Sic Bo online: a truly wonderful game to spend time playing

This incredibly interesting game comes from Ancient China and many players all over the world still enjoy playing and of course winning in it. The game is not that famous as another dice game Craps, but it got a special place in the hearts of devoted players. So the gameplay is quite simple, but has its specifics and tips that can and should be learned in order to increase the potential of winning.

Online Sic Bo gambling for everyone

Sic Bo is a dice game. It uses three dice and has a particular betting table. There are different versions, in which the Chinese original was modified through times, but the basic rules and strategies are pretty much the same.

As it is totally a game of chance, a player cannot really influence the result of dice rolling, however, he can wisely manage his bets and apply a particular strategy for bet placing, or even come up with his own using the knowledge of probabilities of each dice combo. The bet happens for a particular outcome of rolling dice, and mathematically the chances of receiving one or another outcome have been calculated.

Playing online, you also use a virtual table on which you place your coins. After all bets are on the table, a virtual croupier throws dice, and then winnings are granted according to the result.

Betting choices in Sic Bo

A crucial thing to learn about Sic Bo is all the bets that can be made. They include:

  • Small bets – ones in Sic Bo online on any cumulative number that falls in the range from 4 to 10;
  • Big bets – ones on any cumulative number that falls in the range from 11 to 17;
  • Bets on a particular cumulative number from 4 to 17;
  • Single dice bets – ones on a particular side from 1 to 6 on 1, 2, or all 3 dice;
  • Double bets – ones on 2 identical sides from 1 to 6 on 2 dice;
  • Triple bets – ones on any 3 identical sides from 1 to 6 on all dice;
  • Specific triple bets – ones on three particular identical sides from 1 to 6 on all dice;
  • Two dice combination bets – ones on particular sides on two dice from possible 15 combinations.

The rarest and the most paying bet is Specific Triple because this is only one combination that can make the bet win. In its turn, the cheapest and most common bet is Small or Big because it can win with any of 105 possible combinations.

Play Sic Bo online wisely

The most common Sic Bo playing methods can be divided into three types:

  1. low-risk – the method that says to go for Small and Big and sometimes two dice combinations, since they have most chances to be successful;
  2. medium-risk – the method that says to combine different types of bets in order to get more opportunities to win at least something, but also to lose more as well;
  3. high-risk – the method that says to place the highest paying bets such as Triple and sum of 4 or 17.

Every player can choose the method that suits particularly him and easily enjoy Sic Bo online with no download.

Craps Online: the Way of Free Playing & Aspects of Live Gambling

Craps is an exciting gambling dice game that has conquered the whole world. Players take turns to roll the dice, and the combo boxes help determine the winners who will get money. It is worth saying that the rules of the entertainment are not at all as intricate and complicated as it seems at first. The origin of craps online does not change depending on which game the participants choose – for money or free.

Craps Online: How to Play for Free?

Free online craps gambling is available through slot machines. As an example, online casino customers can review the device from Microgaming. Unlike usual slots, in this game, the participants need to throw Dice and predict the outcome of the throw. To make a bet, they have virtual chips of various denominations from 1 to 500 credits. The panel of the device has several buttons. “Repeat” – make the same bet as in the previous round, “Reset” – remove all chips from the table, “Cancel” – refuse the last action. They will able to throw the dice after pressing the throw button. The rules are very transparent:

  • There are only two dice, but there can be a lot of results of their throw. Any of them are within the table;
  • The most common bet when playing Craps is the “Line Pass” field. To get a win, players need to throw the sum of the dice 7 or 11. They will lose if the result of the throw is 2, 3, or 12;
  • Another popular betting field is Not Pass. The winning conditions here are opposite to the Pass Line. When the Point value is determined, the player can make additional bets.

Unlike conventional devices, the rules of craps game online may seem complicated, but while getting a little familiar with them, everything will immediately become explicit.

Online Craps with Live Dealer: the Peculiarities

Modern virtual casinos offer their customers to participate in online craps with a live dealer for real money. There are a lot of types of this game: Chicago, Dice Bank, High Dice, Four Dice, Marinetti, and so on. In most versions, strategies apply to the peculiarities of the betting system: the combination of regular bets and Odds bets is considered the most effective. But, of course, this strategy applies only to betting: there can be no strategy in the role of a shooter (as craps call the die roll), except for a simple hope for the fortune. Craps rules vary by species.

  • Participants play online craps with two dice, they throw them in turn, and they must roll so that the dice hit the board on the other side of the table;
  • A dealer takes part in the game (there are two of them in large casinos) and several players throwing alternately;
  • The quantity of dice 7 and 11 brings success to the shooter (after winning, the player gets the right to roll the dice again), 12, 2, and 3 bring the player instant failure;
  • Points from 4 to 9 take the game to the Point stage, where the shooters roll the dice until the number set falls out in advance (then they win) or 7 (in which case they will lose).

Players can use some strategies in online craps only when making real money bets in a virtual casino. The most commonly used Pass Line is the bet for the shooter’s victory. By the way, one of the remarkable facts is that different children’s board games use the origins of craps. And many famous emperors of Rome, for example, Caligula, were known for their addiction to the game of dice.

How to Play Craps: the Basic Rules & Aspects of Winning Strategies

Craps is a highly attractive table game available in all online casinos and gambling platforms. In real casinos, craps rules require at least four employees to work at the table at the same time, while there are up to twenty players. There is no need for a live dealer in an online casino, but some resources offer a game at group tables, which makes online craps even more exciting. Of course, if players have an effective strategy of how to play Craps, they can succeed and win quite often. However, to make this game of chance any stable source of income, you will have to learn all the wisdom of craps.

How to Play Craps: the Basic Rules & Betting Peculiarities

The essence of how to play Craps Game is manageable – players throw the dice on the table in such a way as to obtain the desired result. The player who rolls the dice is called the shooter. If the first throw drops 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12, the round ends. With other results, the game goes on, and the number drawn is called a point. Further rolls of dice continue until a point or seven falls out. The victory of participants depends on their bets. There are many bets in the craps rules, and each of them has different chances:

  • Pass Line wins if 7 or 11 falls with the first throw. A draw of 2, 3, or 12 means that all Pass Line bets lose. To win at the Pass Line bet, the player must throw a dice before the seven falls out. After it, they can’t change the size of the Pass Line bet. For beginners, it is necessary to know that this bet is the most profitable in the tactics of how to play Craps;
  • Don’t Pass Bar wins within the first throw with 3 or 12 and returns to the player who has got 2. Players can remove or reduce it;
  • The Come Bet is identical to the Pass Line bet, except that players can make it at any time after the first throw;
  • Using the Place Bet, players can determine their point, regardless of what happened within the first throw. Unlike Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line, they can bet at each stage of the selection;
  • The Field is calculated per shot. If the result is 2, 3, 4 or 9, 10, 11, 12 – Field wins. If 5, 6, 7, 8 – the bet loses;
  • Players make a Hardway bet on whether the shooter throws a double before a point or a seven.

The rules of how to play casino Craps also imply less popular bets, which apply to only one throw.

The Winning Strategies to Succeed in Casino Craps Online

For beginners, it is vital to learn the CRP strategy of how to play Craps – Collect, Press, Regress. The advantage of this strategy is simplicity and that it is suitable for players with a small bank. And it is perfect for beginner craps players.

  • For example, the players make a bet of $ 4 for Lose – 8. Then they are waiting for the victory of this bet;
  • When the bet succeeds, players take the win and make a bet on the equal field (“Collect” strategy). According to the consequences, they have $ 1 winnings and $ 4 bets;
  • If it wins again, the players get the win again, doubles it, and bet on the related field (“Press” strategy). According to the results, the player has $ 2 wins and an $ 8 pot;
  • If the bet wins again, the player lowers the bet to the initial amount – $ 4 (Regress strategy). According to the results, the player has $ 4 wins and $ 4 bet.

That is, the participants now play with the money won, without risking their original bank. After that, they start the Vegas CRP strategy of how to play Craps cycle from the very beginning. Due to the low advantage of the casino when playing craps, this strategy will allow the players to stay at the table for a long time and win.

Sic Bo Game Rules — Quick Guide | Best Variations to Play Online

Sic Bo game is extremely popular in China. It is one of the oldest and most iconic dice games in the world. It has been around for centuries in many Asian countries. However, the Sic Bo casino game is rather unpopular in the Western world. If you have never tried it before, let us do it right now!

On this page, you will find Sic Bo casino game rules and strategies to play online. Even if you have never played it before, you are to find out how to do it very soon. Additionally, we have reviewed some of the most popular Sic Bo game variations available to play on the internet.

Sic Bo – Chinese Dice Casino Game

The game is played with three dices. The main goal of the player is to predict their values. You will need to place your wager on the table, which is very similar to the roulette table. After you place your bet, the dice are shaken by the croupier in a special box. The outcome of your bet will be determined after every dice comes to rest.

The table might seem extremely complicated at first, but you will easily become familiar with it. Since there are many free Sic Bo game variants available online, we highly recommend you to try it in the demo mode instead of risking your real money.

Sic Bo Bets

There is plenty of betting option in this game. Here are the most basic of them:

  • Small bet. Place your chips in this box if you think that dices will roll a sum between 4 and 10;
  • Big bet. Put chips in this box when you have a feeling that the sum will exceed 10.

These bets pay 1 to 1, but they have the smallest house edge. Do note that any combo of the same three dice (such as 3-3-3, 1-1-1, 5-5-5, etc.) will make your basic bets lose.

Besides the basic bets, the game allows you to wager on the specific sum for a higher payout.

The enormous amount of game variations

Grand Hazard

This is a Sic Bo game variation that originated in English casinos. It is very similar to the Chinese original.

The game is played with three dices and is played on a similar table. However, you will not lose if you get a triple in this game. Grand Hazard features threes-of-a-kind, known as “raffles”. They offer a high payout (18:1).

In the rest, it is nearly identical to the original game. You can easily get the grasp of it!


This game comes from Grand Hazard. It is a very simple variation of a Sic Bo game. It is much easier to play, which makes it great for beginners. Unfortunately, it is not as popular as Sic Bo or Grand Hazard, so it is hard to find casinos where you can play it.

Just like the other games in this article, Chuck-a-luck is played with three dices. It has fewer possible wagers in comparison to the Sic Bo game.

In the simplest version of this game, you need to place your bet on a board labeled 1-6. You get a 1:1 payout if your number appears once, a 2:1 payout if it appears twice, and a 3:1 payout if all three dices have the same numbers.

Play Free Sic Bo Game for Fun

You can play these free games over the internet. It is featured on many gambling websites. There are many electronic variations of this game from different software providers.

Here are some of the providers that allow you to play this game for free:

  • Novomatic;
  • Digitain;
  • Habanero;
  • Gamesys NV.

They offer the same basic rules but might feature slightly different payouts.